Sunday, October 31, 2010

Zoila Frausto: Proof That God Watches MMA and He Has a Sense of Humor

She was supposed to lose to Rosi Sexton at Bellator 23, proving to the world that Sexton had the goods to be a force in the upcoming 115-pound tournament.  Instead, she KO'd Sexton in two minutes with a knee, then took the Brit's slot in the tourney.  And then she won it.  In case there was any doubt, God does watch MMA, and he has a huge sense of humor.  After all, how else can you explain Zoila Frausto - heretofore no great shakes as a female fighter - out-pointing Jessica Pene, squeaking by Jessica Aguilar with a gift split decision, and then beating the unbeaten Megumi Fujii to take Bellator's inaugural women's MMA title at last week's Bellator 34?  In the grand tradition of Toby Imada spoiling things for Jorge Masvidal, Pat Curran squashing Roger Huerta's title run, and the dozen other fighters who derailed the best laid plans of mice and Bellator matchmakers, Frausto did what she had to do win (which, in her case, is avoid getting taken down and bust people up with her striking).  Now she's the champ.  Congrats to her.  And this is why tournaments are awesome.

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