Saturday, December 4, 2010

Liveblog: Evolution Part 2

First bout of the evening and it's a 147-pound pairing between Pat Kelly of the Jungle Gym and Chung Yeung of New York Jiu-Jitsu. The opening round is about 25 percent kickboxing and 75 percent clinch-work - a recipe that seems to favor Yeung. But thanks to the expert tutelage of coach Justin Garcia, Kelly changes things up and instead makes it a ground battle. He slips on the D'Arce and puts Yeung to sleep at 1:06 of Round 2. Next is Brayan Moncada of Cerebus against Tim Fowler of Renegade at 154 pounds. Round 1 plays out as a classic "guy who likes to kick the legs" vs. "guy who likes to punch the face" match-up, with Moncada the leg-kicker and Fowler the head-hunter. It turns into a grappling match in Round 2, though, as Fowler ends up on top working some ground and pound and nearly getting a triangle from guard. Perhaps sensing that his fortunes lie on the feet, Moncada comes out for Round 3 trying to punch Fowler's head off - and he nearly succeeds. But Fowler survives, and an exhausted Moncada spends the rest of the round backpedaling. Moncada takes the unanimous decision. Max McGarr of Team Renzo and Abdul Beyah of Universal Martial Arts step into the cage for a 190-pound pairing. McGarr's got Renzo in his corner. Jeez, no pressure there. Round 1 has Beyah establishing one thing early: he hits hard. This little tidbit suddenly makes it all about McGarr trying desperately to get it the the floor (although when he is successful, Beyah slams his way out of an armbar). McGarr manages another takedown in the latter half of the second, but never really gets to do anything with it before time expires. The final round is a contest to see who can keep it in their realm, and with a few well-timed punches it seems like Beyah might do it. But McGarr is relentless, and when he gets Beyah down he takes his back and flattens him out. Beyah takes the split decision when time runs out.

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