Saturday, December 4, 2010

Liveblog: Evolution Part 3

It's time for Greg Quarantello of Shore Academy BJJ vs. Vincent Sinclair of Universal Martial Arts. Well, apparently Quarantello's got some hands, 'cause he uses them to chin-check Sinclair three times in rapid succession. After going down the last time, Sinclair is done, and the ref waives it off at 1:43 of Round 1. Ramy Awad of Codella MMA and Billy Mac Nair of BBMMA square off for some 175-pound action. It seems like Awad trained for an MMA bout and Mac Nair trained for a wrestling match, because once Mac Nair's attempts at tying up are foiled, Awad gets on top and puts him through the submission ringer. In Round 2 Mac Nair survives a close rear naked choke and a triangle, and he survives a choke in the third, but surviving ain't winning. Awad takes the unanimous decision. Mark Agnew of Street Fit and Gladstone Allen of NY San Da enter to do the dance of combat. Allen and Agnew come at each other swinging, but Agnew lands a left that sends his foe tumbling. The Street Fit rep follows it up with a rear naked choke, and Allen is asleep at 51 seconds.

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