Friday, December 10, 2010

Schedule for the Weekend

I heard there may be a UFC on pay-per-view this weekend, but details are sketchy.  Some George guy is fighting… possibly… who knows. 

There is, however, a bit of local action going down.  Tonight, there's some kind of exclusive benefit dinner going on at Cipriani's on Wall Street.  "Fight for Humanity" is the name, and there's going to be about half a dozen Muay Thai bouts - some of them featuring MMA fighters (like Rick Screeton and Joe Sampieri).  Tickets are $2,500 each, so, yeah, maybe you should wait for the DVD or something.

On Saturday night, Ring of Combat is offering up a hefty amateur installment at the Raritan Center in Edison, New Jersey.  There are 15 bouts scheduled, and notable participants include Mike Fischetti, and, um, a bunch of guys I don't know.  ROC's amateur shows tend to feature some real up-and-coming badasses, though, so it's worth checking out.

Also on Saturday is another Muay Thai extravaganza from Take On Productions in Flushing, Queens.  Some of the best kickboxing schools in the TriState area take part in these events, and if you like watching fighters knee and kick each other into oblivion, it's always a good time.

Finally, on Sunday there's an event out in Brooklyn called "Budokai: Way of the Warrior".  The West Brooklyn Community High School is the venue, first bout is at 2:00pm, and there will be full-contact karate, sport jujitsu and san da matches.  This is relevant to your interests because some UCL veterans are competing.  Expect a fair amount of stabbings and/or a riot if things don't go as planned.

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