Monday, March 21, 2011

Liveblog: TUF Tryouts Part 3

One kid was barking and growling while grappling, which begs the question: does SpikeTV screen for werewolves? Another kid got a submission and had Dana White autograph the hundred-dollar bill. Well, that's one way to increase the value of US currency.

Incidentally, MMA Journalist spoke with Joe Silva at length prior to the tryouts - a follow-up interview to our 2002 discussion. Apparently he still works for the UFC putting together fights, still prefers MMA as a hobby than as a job, and eschews the finer things in life for simpler things (i.e., cheeseburgers instead of filet mignon). Also, he and Dana have very little say in who gets into the TUF House. It's all SpikeTV, and it's all about the interview.

I also spoke with Dana briefly about the whole MMA in New York thing. He said they made progress in Albany last week, but he's not 100% confident. The issue with the unions (and how Station Casinos do not use union labor) is a stumbling block.

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