Friday, April 22, 2011

Liveblog: UCC 4 Part 3

It's time for Pellegrino MMA stalwart Kevin Roddy and ATT's Chris Foster to do the dance. And by dance, I mean beat on each other for our perverse enjoyment. It's always a game of inches when Roddy fights - one inch one way and he's catching you in a sub. One inch another way and you're out-pointing him to get the decision. The latter is the case this time, as Foster manages to dodge an armbar and avoid Roddy's ground manhandling and rack up points one jab at a time. Foster takes the unanimous decision when time runs out. Glen Sandull of AMA FC and Mike Stewart of Bombsquad enter the cage for a heavyweight contest. The two go at it with some extended collar-tie love and dirty boxing. It's even in Round 1, but Stewart makes his presence felt in the second with repeated kicks to the leg. Things play out in almost identical fashion in the last round. That is, until Stewart's left finds Sandull's chin. The KO comes at 4:49.

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