Sunday, September 18, 2011

Liveblog: MUSU Part 2

They're serving "yellow drank", and I'm told it's akin to lemonade. No way. I've seen this movie before. A rival clan is trying to poison us.

First fight and it's Urban Bagua versus Riverside Tai Chi. I'm expecting big things from Riverside Tai Chi. They say this is going to be his year. For two rounds these guys stand in front of each other and throw winding punches, although true to their kung fu backgrounds when they get close they press forearms like they're trying to trap something. Urban Bagua takes the decision when time runs out. I have no clue why.

Next up is old Wing Chun guy versus old white guy (not sure his style). The white guy has heart and zero fear, but his foe is too fast and bloodies his nose. Somewhere, a mail order bride is weeping silent tears.

Alright, someone just walked in wearing one of this gigantic wicker hats you see in kung fu flicks. It's on now!

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