Sunday, November 6, 2011

Battle of the Books Postscript

Last night, at a secret location in Manhattan, yours truly had his book launch party. Dubbed "Battle of the Books" - as I shared the event with author Matt Polly (his book, "Tapped Out", hits stores on November 17) - the event featured food, drinks and underground MMA fights in a cage. Space was limited, so the majority of the guest list was media and publishing. But turn out was great, and as most of the invitees had never seen an MMA fight before, let alone an underground one in a cage literally just a few feet away... well, let's just say they were enthralled. I was interviewed by the New York Times, the New York Metro and the New York Observer, and reps from ESPN and Black Belt Magazine were there. Plus, there were reps from Universal Studios and Jerry Bruckheimer's studio, there. Good times. Good times.

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