Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Cage Fury Fighting Championship 15 Preview You Won't See Anywhere Else

Tonight, CFFC 15 graces the hallowed halls of the Resorts Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, and yes, yes, I'll be there.  Some things to note before I ramble on about some of the awesome fighters on the card: with the crumbling of the UCC earlier in the week, CFFC managed to scoop up two of the stricken event's match-ups (Erick Tavares vs. Mike Stewart and Yusuf Yoldas vs. Darius Heylinger).  Also, Chris Wing was supposed to fight, but he fell ill cutting weight and ended up in the hospital.  MMA Journalist wishes the young stud a speedy recovery.  Okay, all that aside, here's why CFFC is brimming with awesome:
  • Tim Williams - Williams is the best light-heavyweight the organization has on its roster, and with his undefeated record and high-level, well-rounded skill set, it's not hard to see why.  I've seen him use his jiu-jitsu to cut through dudes like a hot knife through butter, and I've seen him stand toe-to-toe with some very dangerous strikers.  Williams is the man.
  • Brad Desir - BEAST.  That's the best way to describe Desir, who reps New York Combat Sambo and who, in his last outing, survived a Renzo Gracie black belt's best to come back and earn the TKO.  I don't know how many more wins this guy needs to earn a shot at the belt, but he's gotta be close. 
  • Erick Tavares - Tavares is the epitome of "old school Brazilian striker". He hasn't fought in years, but back in the day, the only people that would beat him were the ones that took him down quickly.
  • Mike Stewart - A tough dude who's been around a while, Stewart is another one who's got skill in all ranges.  He got KO'd by UFC fighter Tom DeBlass last year, but don't let that fool you into thinking he can't hit - he can, and he hits hard.  He and Tavares should have a solid scrap.
  • Judah Ciervo - Perhaps the nicest guy you'll ever meet, Ciervo reps Fight Factory and has been around forever.  Really, forever.  Remember BAMA Fight Night?  He used to fight there.  Know how many BAMA Fight Night veterans are still active?  Negative 12.  Fuck yeah, you go, Judah.  Kick some ass.

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