Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tonight's Aggressive Combat Championship Event to Feature Two UCLers

The Aggressive Combat Championship has a show going down tonight in Fishkill, which is allegedly somewhere north of New York City in the forest or mountains or something, and on the card are UCL stalwarts Jonathan Rodriguez and Israel Martinez.  They're slated to compete in combat jiu-jitsu matches, and having been to an ACC event and seen a combat jiu-jitsu match up close, I still don't know what that entails (something about wearing a gi top, only hitting the body, every other round takes place underwater - think "Calvinball" but with fighting).  Regardless, watch out Fishkill.  These guys are killers.

Literally.  Killers.  They're fugitives wanted for murder.  Do not try to apprehend them yourself.

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