Friday, March 28, 2014

GLORY Fighter Mark Miller Needs Help


GLORY fighter Mark Miller is in dire medical straits. But his sponsor, HeadBlade, is stepping up to help. Here's with some details:
HeadBlade, one of Mark’s sponsors has recognized how tough this HeadBlade user has been over the years and now they are looking to give back to Miller with your help. HeadBlade will be running a special, two-week long campaign to help raise money for Mark where using the coupon code “FightShark” at checkout will get you a 10% discount off of their entire stock, with a portion of the proceeds going to help Mark with his medical bills. So if you are sporting a freshly-shaved head, want to, or know someone that does head over to and enter the code “FightShark” at checkout to receive an instant 10% discount and to help out the storied Kickboxer.
That's pretty cool of them. And below is a pretty cool video.

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