Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Link Dump - 3.23.14


There's some pretty crucial stuff going down with the Zuffa vs. New York lawsuit lately. The discovery phase is in full swing, witnesses are giving depositions, duels with swords and pistols every other day - it's exciting!

Anyway, today's link dump is a mixed bag of stuff that's very relevant to Northeast MMA. Read it and learn something.

  • Nevada is still looking for a replacement for Keith Kizer on the athletic commission, and New Jersey's commissioner, Aaron Davis, made the short list of candidates. Well, scratch his name off. He's staying right here.
  • Marcus Surin is Victory Combat Sports' welterweight champ. Here's a little something about him.
  • Take a walk down memory lane and recall the momentous occasion when New York State finally admitted that amateur MMA is legal.

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