Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Link Dump - 3.9.14


I've been working on a longform piece for Fightland that involves digging up some links about New York MMA and the whole Culinary Union mess, so today's link dump pertains to stuff about that. Read them and weep. Literally.

  • Since the Culinary Union has been so vocal about how they feel the UFC is evil, Zuffa struck back with this nice little webpage.
  • There isn't much by way of direct evidence or smoking gun that ties the anti-MMA effort to the Culinary Union, and according to Pete Lampasona, the whole union angle is a red herring. However, I can say that I've spoken to a few high-ranking insiders off the record, and to them the union influence is real.
  • In case you wanted to know how the ban came about, you should read this.

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