Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New York MMA Legislative Status Report: "Meh"


Not a lot has been going on with the legislative side of the MMA in New York movement lately. There are still a bunch of bills on the backburner, and though none of them have seen any action since the session began, there's still some time before the session ends on June 19 for something to get done.

There is, however, a press conference being held in today in Albany, and at it three female students and one female kickboxing instructor will talk about how MMA is empowering to women. There's no star power attached to the event (i.e., no Zuffa brass or well-known fighters scheduled to appear), but it's being held in the Legislative Office Building, so reporters will at least show up out of habit.

And that's it. That's all that's been going on. Given the progress and level of discussion generated on the issue, I'd rate this year's chances of the pro MMA ban being lifted in Albany a "meh."

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