Thursday, April 17, 2014

Observations From My Couch: TUF Nations Finale


  • When did Nordine Taleb turn into a modern day Travis Fulton? He fought on the TUF Nations Finale, then a couple hours later we watched him fight to get into the House for TUF 19. Dude, slow down!
  • Keep feeding Ryan Jimmo scrubs. I like watching him show off his karate.
  • Props to Leslie Smith for taking that fight on ultra-short notice, but damn did Sarah Kaufman beat her up.
  • Stick a fork in Sam Stout. Homeboy is done.
  • I have to admit, when underdog Akira Corassani managed to wobble Dustin Poirier, I suddenly cared about that fight.
  • I have nothing to say about the two winners of this season of TUF Nations. I had never seen them fight before, and likely will never see them fight again (or pay attention when they do).
  • Patrick Cote and Kyle Noke fighting is the equivalent of Ken Shamrock and Kimo fighting again - IT HAS NO RELEVANCE.
  • Tim Kennedy executed his game plan well, but good Lord, did you see Michael Bisping's eye? That sucker is going to fall out.

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