Wednesday, April 16, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Lyman Good on His TUF 19 Loss


The first episode of season 19 of The Ultimate Fighter aired tonight, and on it we saw former Bellator welterweight champ Lyman Good try - and fail - to gain entry into the TUF House by virtue of a decision loss to a superior wrestler.

The MMA Journalist caught up with Good and got his take on his experience on the show.
Said Good:
I take everything with a grain of salt. It’s a great experience to have. Going out there and seeing the caliber of the other people who are at the same level as I am, to have gone that far… it’s definitely not the end for me. I’m just taking the time to assimilate what I need to work on, and with the turnaround of my performance at the Ultimate Fighter, it’s a way for me to realize “Alright, this is where I’ve got to put my emphasis and all my training towards so I can be a better fighter.”
The ones that make it to the top are the ones that adapt and focus, and they take time to work on certain things they need improvement on. The biggest thing I can take away from that experience is just that, knowing now that I made it this far, it’s not enough for me. But now I know I had that small taste. I had it almost in my hands, that chance and opportunity. If anything, I didn’t walk away bitter or with any negative reactions to it. I take it as, “Okay, I almost got there, let’s go back, let’s fix something, let’s go back and do it all the way through this time.”
Watch the full interview here:

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