Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Deadspin Article on the New York Amateur MMA Scene


I wrote THIS article for Deadspin on the New York amateur MMA scene, calling to task those who've let fighters who were medically disqualified in other states (for HIV, Hepatitis, etc.) compete here. Check it out.

Some things to note, though:

  • I didn't come up with the "disaster" part of the title, that was added by Deadspin (which is fine - it's their site). I think there's a big, gaping hole in the medical screening of fighters, but I love going to New York shows and believe most of the promoters are doing a great job with regards to fighter safety.
  • There definitely needs to be some oversight of what's going on at all the shows, and that's an issue the legislature has to address. No promoters or sanctioning bodies have been breaking the law. But the law itself is certainly broken.
  • I don't know the identities of the fighters with HIV, Hepatitis or whatever, nor do I know what shows they fought on. I only know they exist.
That's all. Please let me know what you think in the comments.


Mike said...

Excellent article. I wish I was surprised this happens. In your opinion, what is the biggest obstacle for MMA in NY?

Jim Genia said...

Are you asking about the state lifting the ban on pro MMA? The biggest obstacle is insufficient mainstream awareness of the issue, which means not enough voters are telling their legislators they want the sport here.

Anonymous said...

Is there really a whole in the medical screening of fighters? First bullet point, second sentence.

Jim Genia said...

Ha. Good catch. Thanks.