Saturday, May 24, 2014

Dude Thinks Doctors Aren't Needed at Fight Shows


My Deadspin article on amateur MMA in New York generated a good bit of discussion, but one opinion is a curious one. A commenter thinks that having a doctor ringside is overkill, and that a paramedic there is just as good.

His quote:

I'm a little offended by the objection to having paramedics ringside. While not a master of the medical domain like a doctor, a well trained and experienced paramedic can pick out an MMA fighter in distress, even subtly, just as well as a doctor could. So could a well trained and experienced nurse. Unless the facility they are fighting in contains a CT scanner, xray machine, MRI, and a hospital grade pharmacy, a doctor is hardly more useful than a nurse or paramedic ringside.
What do you think? Should doctors be required at shows, or would an EMT suffice?

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