Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New York State Senate Passes Bill to Regulate Amateur MMA


The New York State Senate has just passed Bill S4877, a bill that would serve to regulate amateur mixed martial arts. Senator Joseph Griffo sponsored the bill, and an analysis of the legislation can be found here.

What does this mean for the current state of affairs in New York? It means nothing for professional MMA, and while it could conceivably spell doom for the current crop of promotions and third-party sanctioning organizations flourishing here, it could also mean nothing for them as well. For a bill to become law it must pass through both the Senate and the Assembly and get signed by the governor, and since there is only one day left in the legislative session for the Assembly, time is quickly running out.

If no action is taken by the Assembly tomorrow, then the amateur scene in New York will remain business as usual. Still, the efforts put forth by Senator Griffo are a good gesture, and a sure sign that someone up in Albany cares.

Said Senator Griffo:
“In my advocacy for mixed martial arts, I’ve met many fighters and promoters. All want to make the bouts as safe as possible - not just for the fighters, but for the judges, refs and fans,” said Griffo, R-Rome. “However, there was a lack of consistency among amateur contests. Most promoters would ensure their bouts were sanctioned by an established and reputable organization. A few, however, put profit over safety and held bouts that put fans and fighters at unnecessary risk.”
(Note: updated to reflect the correct end of the legislative session.)

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