Sunday, August 3, 2014

MMAPayout's Perspective on the Latest in the Zuffa vs. New York Case


MMAPayout has cast a discerning eye towards the current round of filings in the Zuffa vs. New York lawsuit, and their perspective as to the possible outcomes is worth considering. Here's the gist of it:

But let’s assume New York wins and the case is dismissed. Zuffa will have to consider its options which may include an appeal to the Circuit Court on the decision. It would cost more money and take much longer and unless there is movement in Albany, no MMA in New York.
But what if the Court sides with Zuffa and grants its motion for summary judgment? This would mean that the law banning MMA will be determined unconstitutional and essentially strike down the law. One might expect a stay and/or the state of New York filing a preliminary injunction to stay the ruling in an effort to appeal the ruling. The effect of an injunction would be a way to prevent pro MMA in the state before an appeal to the ruling is heard by another Court. The last time most of us heard about a preliminary injunction was in the Eddie Alvarez case. In the meantime, legislators in New York that are anti-pro MMA could draft new legislation which would clarify the vagueness issue and have it ready for Albany in 2015.
MMAPayout is waiting on making any hard predictions until the responses to the latest motions are filed. Still, it's good to get more insight on what could happen.

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