Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sherdog Examines MMA in New York


Sherdog has turned its lens toward the MMA scene in New York, and the first part of their ongoing series of articles on the subject examines a bit of what's been going on with the legislative process and the hold-up in the Assembly. The broad strokes are nothing you have seen before, but Sherdog digs a little deeper and gets some decent quotes. 

For instance, there's this gem from UFC COO Ike Lawrence Epstein, who talks about his interactions with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver:
“He said something like, just that, ‘It’s not going to happen this year, but maybe next year. Keep working hard.’ Stuff like that, fairly cryptic sort of comments, nothing specific at all,” he added. “But there has never been any sort of clear pronouncement as to what lies in the future for MMA regulation in New York.”
There's a bunch more stuff in the article, so definitely check it out.

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