Monday, August 11, 2014

Trouble Brewing in MMA's Wild West?


Someone very much attuned to the amateur MMA scene in New York State - and clearly someone very fed up with what they've seen firsthand - posted this on their Facebook today. Take from it what you will.
Look forward to the day an amateur MMA event is held in NY and I don't receive countless texts, photos and video forwarded to me, with the subject: "You're not going to believe this one!" for 2 days...
Do people realize they haven't a clue or do they just not care?
With that being said... Please, don't feel the need to send me this stuff. There's nothing anyone can do about it, until the State wakes up. If it's that bad, DON'T BUY A TICKET, stay home, go bowling, do something! But don't support it and complain later.... and for the love of Pete, don't complain to me anymore. Sincerely, I don't care anymore and my focus is now on bigger and better things.

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