Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Are You Ready for Another Aggressive Combat Championship Installment?


Saturday's NYFE event may be the next big MMA show on tap for New York City, but exactly one week after that is latest installment of Aggressive Combat Championship. Slated for the York College Arena in Jamaica, Queens, ACC 8 promises to provide all the beatdowns and battles we've come to expect from the promotion, plus the following:

  • Kat Morales in action - As the Big Apple's top female fighter, reigning ACC champ Morales doesn't have much left to prove around these parts. But that's not going to stop her from laying a beating on challenger Sarah Thomas. (Coincidentally, Thomas beau, Danny Ochart, just won the MMA Platinum Gloves bantamweight title last weekend - small world, eh?) Here's Morales racking up another win when she fought at Battle at the Aviator over the summer:
  • Jerome Bourne fighting for a belt - TSMMA standout Bourne gets to do what he does best when he clashes with Ben Horton (i.e., kick ass), only this time there's an ACC 155-pound championship up for grabs. In case you don't know, Bourne specializes in dishing out pain of the striking variety. Here's proof:
  • Destiny Quinones throwing down once more - She may come up short, but there's no shortage of violence when Quinones steps into the cage. Here she is in a heated conflict with Hannah McGuckin:

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