Monday, September 22, 2014

More Videos From NYFE 4


New York Fight Exchange 4 saw some thrilling contests play out in the cage on Saturday - not the least of which where the prolonged battles fought between a bunch of guys who seemingly had no quit in them.

For instance, there was the three-round fisticuff between Long Island MMA product Joe Ninomiya and Jungle Gym, which ended in the most narrow of split decisions. Watch the video below and tell me that one couldn't have gone either way...

Although it ended a bit early due to a nasty cut above one of the fighters' eyes, the back-and-forth between Egyptian dynamo Karem Ibrahim and Team Renzo rep Chris Borders was like a seesaw of submission attempts and escapes...

And then there was the war waged by Ronin Athletics' Adrian Czmielewski and Renzo Gracie-CT fighter Sam Watford. Round 1 was all about jockeying for superiority via wrestling, while Round 2 was... well, see for yourself.

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