Monday, February 2, 2015

How Keen on MMA is Sheldon Silver's Likely Successor?


There's been a lot of discussion about Assemblyman Carl Heastie and the likelihood of him replacing Sheldon Silver as Speaker of the New York State Assembly, and thankfully, MMA keeps coming up as a salient point. But just how keen on the sport is Heastie? Here's the Gotham Gazette with a little insight:

One issue worth watching should Heastie assume the speaker mantle is the legalization of mixed martial arts or "ultimate fighting" in the state. Silver was thought to be the one impediment to regulating the sport, which is banned, thanks to his ties to certain labor interests. Heastie has indicated he would be open to considering allowing the sport that some call "barbaric." Zuffa LLC, the company that owns The Ultimate Fighting Championship, has donated a total of $4,000 to Heastie and $5,000 to the Bronx Democratic Committee since 2012.
Remember: campaign donations are often a vital component of the lobbying game, and completely legal as long as guidelines are adhere to.

Though nine thousand bucks might not seem like an exorbitant amount, it's definitely something. And when it comes to state-level politics, that something can go a long way.

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