Monday, May 18, 2015

Senator Krueger is Talking Money When She Should Be Talking Safety


Senator Liz Krueger is against the Ultimate Fight Championship coming to New York, and to combat the argument that sanctioned mixed martial arts would bolster the state's economy, she says that maybe the biggest MMA organization in the world isn't as financially sound as it claims to be.

Senator Krueger is talking money when she should be talking safety.

As per today's Crain's New York Business:
The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly interviewing industry veterans in connection with the possible reopening of an investigation into UFC parent company Zuffa LLC’s business practices, according to industry news site MMA Junkie. State Sen. Liz Krueger, a critic of mixed-martial arts, said that news and other negative reports about UFC's finances should counteract the argument that legalizing MMA could be an economic boon for the state.
"Another day, another damning report about top cage-fighting company UFC," Ms. Krueger said. "Just after it was revealed that UFC is a financially troubled entity with massive liabilities and a downgraded credit rating, now there are reports that it is under federal investigation for shady business practices. All of this calls into question the pie-in-the-sky economic promises the company is making if MMA was legalized in New York."
Attacking the UFC over just how much fiscal impact it would have ignores the fact that the sport is already here, in an amateur - and completely unregulated by the state - form. Thus far in 2015, there have been 31 amateur MMA events throughout New York (which puts 2015 on track to beat 2014's total of 54 events). Some of these events had no medical personnel present to tend to the competitors. Some had referees and judges with no training. Many did not screen the fighters for such blood-borne diseases as HIV and Hepatitis. Most had no insurance to cover the injured. Those events that did follow the safety precautions that are standard in states where the sport is sanctioned, did so only by the grace and good conscience of promoters who have no statutory obligation to keep fighters safe.

There are six MMA schools within Senator Krueger's district. She should be less concerned with the UFC's credit rating and more concerned with keeping the fighters from those gyms safe and sound.

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