Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This Is The Price of Competing In Unregulated New York


Bobby Aylward fought at the Upstate New York promotion Kaged Kombat last month, and though he won, he damaged his hand to the point where it required surgery. Unfortunately for him, the promoter did not have insurance - by law, none was required - so pictured above is just one of the medical bills Bobby is going to have to eat.

As per his Facebook:

This is the thanks I get for making a certain promoter cash. A $1,500 bill just for anesthesia. And waiting on my bill for the other $1,200-1,500 [for] surgery... and with people running around doing amateur fighters like this [you] wonder why MMA is not legal in New York. Thanks a lot, bud. I'll be sure to never send or refer anyone to you due to your extreme lack of respect and safety of fighters.
No, the promoter did not have insurance for any fighters. When asked about insurance, he laughed and said, "If I bothered with insurance I'd be broke after every event."
There are promotions operating in New York that cover the fighters for post-fight medical care. But there are many more who don't.

Forget all the hours spent training in the gym and the blood, sweat and tears shed. This is the real price of competing in unregulated New York.

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Anonymous said...

While Brandon's injury was not as a result of "an elbow to the head of a downed opponent", such injuries increase medical costs tremendously, cost the fighter suspension time and most likely result in long term damage. While the purists may not like it, NYS should institute the "No elbows to the head of a downed opponent" policy. I believe such a policy would sway many of the fence-sitters in the Assembly.