Friday, June 19, 2015

New York MMA Bill Status Update - 6.19.15


It's Friday and the session was scheduled to end on Wednesday, but legislators are still at it (for the most part), trying to deal with the hefty selection of bills that remain on their plate. Here's what we know about the status of the MMA bill and the issues around it:

  • The legislative session remains in session until Tuesday thanks to a pitched battle over rent regulations - something important to New Yorkers yet completed unrelated to mixed martial arts. What this means is that the Assembly could tackle the MMA bill today, or it can be addressed on Tuesday. (The Senate and Assembly are dismissed on Saturday and Sunday for the observance of the Sabbath and Father's Day.)
  • Conflicting rumors from well-placed sources within the Assembly have the MMA bill getting dealt with either today or being pushed off until Tuesday. Since there are over a hundred Assembly members - each with their own perspective and communication network - this is the perfect example of how none of them truly know for sure what they're going to be doing until they show up for work that day.
  • The first posted bill agenda of the day does not have the MMA bill on it. Again, that doesn't mean much, as more agendas are put up throughout the day. The last two days each had three posted when all was said and done.
  • I don't recommend it, but if you want, you can watch the Assembly's proceedings live here.
  • Regardless of whatever the Assembly does or does not do, the "Big Ugly" still remains a possibility. 
Because the MMA bill has a ton of bipartisan support, any floor debate should end in a vote that has more than a enough Democrats and Republicans voting "yes". The debate will be lively, interesting and full of great quotes from Assembly members saying outrageous things, but there's very little mystery as to how much support the MMA bill truly has.

We're still in a very good place. We just have to be patient.

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