Saturday, June 20, 2015

New York MMA Bill Status Update - 6.20.15


The MMA bill wasn't addressed yesterday, but the extension of the 2015 legislative session means that it's going to happen on Tuesday, which is when the Assembly will (presumably) put the finishing touches on all the pressing issues on their agenda. Here's what we know in regards to the bill that would sanction pro MMA in New York:

  • Though the governor's "Big Ugly" remains an option to get the bill passed, all signs are starting to point towards the Assembly having a floor debate on the issue. Said Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle on Friday in regards to discussion of the bill being pushed to Tuesday: "We're right on the cusp here, so I knew I had the votes today. I talked to the speaker and he's said he's certainly willing to entertain it next week even though we're trying to close down other issues today." He also mentioned how some key supporters were absent on Friday for personal reasons, which means he wants everyone from his team ready and standing on the field for when the inevitable bench-clearing brawl breaks out.
  • In terms of process, bills have to pass through the various Assembly committees before they can hit the floor for a general vote, and if you look at the status of the MMA bill right now you'll see that it's been hanging out in the Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports Development Committee - which is chaired by Assemblywoman Margaret Markey, a staunch hater of MMA - for the entire session. A look back over the history of the various MMA bills shows that it's within the committees where they usually die. Is that a danger this session? Not at all. This bill has too much support behind it. This thing is destined for the floor, a big debate with some Assembly members saying outrageous and absurd things, and then a vote in overwhelming support of sanctioned MMA in the state.
All things are still good. We just have to wait until Tuesday.

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