Friday, October 2, 2015

Five Reasons to Care About Aggressive Combat Championships 12 This Weekend


Thanks to a female kickboxer with a gigantic rack, you've been bombarded with stories about this show throughout the Internet - you probably just didn't realize it. That's right, I'm talking about Aggressive Combat Championships 12, which goes down on Saturday night at the Queens Theater in Flushing-Meadows Park, and features some of New York City's best and most promising talent clashing in the cage. In fact, if you're looking for a reason to care about this event, there are five very good reasons why you should buy a ticket (or watch live on and they have nothing to do with boobs.

  • Matt Roman - Team Tiger Schulmann always has a few badasses percolating in the pipeline, and Saturday night we'll get to see one of them do his thing. Roman is skilled all over, and he's got just the right amount of aggression to get the job done. Here's a sample:
  • Mike Roseli - A product of Matt Serra and Ray Longo, Roseli was a beast at the last ACC installment, winning by armbar and proving himself to be one hell of a threat on the ground. He's facing Roman on Saturday night, and besides being a great test for both men, it promises to be an awesome, explosive bout.
  • Rich Pabon - Pabon fights everywhere and often, and has carved out a rep for himself as an ultra-tough, ultra-skilled dude. Here's a vid of him in action:
  • Damilola Powerson - He's actually got the word "power" in his name, so you just know this guy is dangerous. At ACC 11 back in June, Powerson TKO'd his opponent pretty violently. Expect more violence this time around.
  • Jillian DeCoursey - She's got solid jiu-jitsu and tons of grit, and since ACC 9, DeCoursey has been the organization's strawweight champ. Remember when I mentioned the word "best" before? I was talking about DeCoursey.
Here's the bout sheet for ACC 12:

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