Friday, December 4, 2015

Five Reasons to Be Excited for Tomorrow's Aggressive Combat Championships 13


Aggressive Combat Championships is closing out 2015 in style thanks to a solid card set for Saturday night at the Queens Theater (in Flushing-Meadows Park). Want reasons to watch on or in person? Heck, I've got five of them!

  • Will Cavali vs. Steve Inoshima - Anything that pits Team Demolition against Tiger Schulmann's MMA is going to be fun, but this one is a rematch of a bout that ended controversially. Both of these guys have got striking skills for days, so expect fireworks.
  • Destiny Quinones vs. Rebecca Carnage - I don't know if "Carnage" is Rebecca's actual last name, but if it is, that's pretty cool. Anyway, Quinones has been carving out a name for herself for a while now, so watch for these ladies to throw down hard.
  • Damilola Powerson - Powerson is a big boy with lots of horsepower in his engine, and he's been putting away opponents left and right. Don't blink during this one.
  • Erick Taylor vs. Matt Roman - These gentlemen are two of the best at their weight, and since this one is a rematch as well (Taylor won the first fight by split decision), there's going to be a lot of sparks flying on the feet and on the ground.
  • Jillian DeCoursey vs. Silvia Mondelli - DeCoursey is the champ, and for good reason: with her jiu-jitsu brown belt and grit, she kicks ass. Mondelli is a jiu-jitsu black belt, though, so this is the kind of test that defines fighters... and it's the kind of bout that could headline a Ring of Combat or Caged Fury Fighting Championship.

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