Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More Reason to Be Optimistic That MMA Is Getting Legalized Soon


In case you already weren't feeling optimistic about professional MMA getting legalized in New York this year because of the governor including it in his budget proposal, Josh Rosenblatt over at Fightland has got something more to lift your spirits. According to a source on the inside, an MMA bill being passed is practically a done deal.

Take it away, Josh:

Well, today we’re happy to report that for at least one high-ranking member of the Democratic Assembly caucus, the governor’s declaration of support last week is almost definitely the nail in coffin of the anti-MMA movement in New York. According to a staffer for this assembly-person (who agreed to speak to Fightland on the condition of anonymity), his office would be “shocked” if MMA didn’t pass as part of the budget this year.
“If somehow MMA gets negotiated out of the budget,” the staffer said, “hell just froze over.”
“It was our intention to introduce our pro-MMA bill early in the session, but now that the governor has included it, it has helped corral support,” our source said. “I think the bill would have passed anyway but having the governor include in his budget it makes it easier. A lot of potentially contentious issues become less so when they end up in a budget.
Read the rest of the piece, as it provides some good insight on how the political process works - which, in this instance, is finally working in our favor.

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