Friday, January 23, 2009

Liveblog: Extreme Challenge Part 3

There will be nine fights tonight, and first up are Jon Meyer and Craig Kaufman. This match-up is an interesting one, as Meyer is from Ohio and Kaufman is from Illinois and absolutely no one on the East Coast gives a crap about either fighter. In fact, despite the decent back-and-forth grappling battle going down within the cage, from my seat I can see one audience member filing her nails and another audience member doing his taxes. Meyer gets the tap out via heelhook in the third round. Also, I think that audience member doing his taxes is getting a sizeable return. Next up is Nat McIntyre from Minnesota vs. Tuan Pham from somewhere close enough for people to care about him. Of course, it helps that Pham wrecks McIntyre in 40 seconds.

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