Friday, January 23, 2009

Liveblog: Extreme Challenge Part 7

Kamal Shalorus is squaring off against Jonathan Evans now. Evans hails from the Rhino Fight Team and is a UCL vet, but Evans' gritty street style is no match for Shalorus' British ways. He falls to Shalorus' poor dental hygiene in 35 seconds. Next is Edward O'Daniel against Charlie Brenneman. Expect a takedown at some point in this one. Yes! I totally called it. Brenneman has O'Daniel on his back in no time, and is giving him the "pedophile in prison" treatment. (What did you say? Brenneman always takes his opponents down? Quiet you!) Brenneman gets the TKO in Round 2 after he puts O'Daniel in a crucifix and rains down punches.

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