Friday, May 29, 2009

Liveblog: CatC Part 2

Tiger Schulmann MMA fighter Linda Tarsio takes to the ring to face Norma Armijo of America's Finest. These two dimunitive femmes throw down doggedly for the duration, with Tarsio taking the decision with crisper striking. Alicia Bourne, sister of Jason, from the Wat Gym is up next to take on Champion Fitness' Heather Wagner. Before the bout gets underway Kru Phil Nurse takes a paintbrush and slathers Bourne with Vaseline. We'll see if that is a factor. Hmmm, okay, it's not a factor. What is though is the fact that Wagner brought karate to a kickboxing match, which means she gets knocked on her ass a lot and Bourne takes the decision. Alex Wilkie-trained Steve Sierra vs. TSMMA's Steven Regman is up next. The two go at it hard, but Regman's got the counter-striking edge and he takes the decision.

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