Friday, May 29, 2009

Liveblog: CatC Part 3

Ray Longo-trained Frank Hatsis and Kevin Mullhall-trained Rich Brattole of Jersey Fight Club enter the ring. Hatsis has Luke Cummo in his corner. No word if his waterbottle contains urine. The two maintain a frantic pace for all three rounds, but Brattole has more in his gas tank and keeps Hatsis reeling - which is enough to warrant the decision in his favor. Up next: Eddie Fahey of Dragon V against Giancarlo Vinciguerra of the Neglia Competition Team. For two rounds and 13 seconds Vinciguerra repeatedly tags Fahey in the grill, until finally Fahey lays down on the canvas and the referee calls it. TSMMA star striker Sophia Gegovic enters to take on Cool Hearts' Danika Johnston. This one plays out like a chessmatch, with Gegovic's superior boxing technique and timing enabling her to pick at the game Johnson throughout and earn her the decision.

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