Friday, May 29, 2009

Liveblog: CatC Part 6

With Peter Kaljevic in his corner, self-trained Mark LeCroulant squares off against stocky ninjitsu rep Mario Cowboy. With a ton of posturing and taunting, Cowboy entertains the crowd, but after about two minutes of punishment the realization that he is going to take a beating sets in, and he bows out citing a knee injury. Cool Hearts fighter Casey Bohrman and TSMMA's Melissa Bopp are next. This one is a freakin' thrill ride as Bohrman continually blasts Bopp with pushkicks while Bopp trudges forward with punches. Bopp is clearly losing, but in Round 2 she fires off a roundhouse that lands squarely on the taller Bohrman's neck, sending the Cool Hearts rep to the canvas. The ref waves it off a few seconds later when it's clear Bohrman is still on Queer Street. There are six more bouts left, but I have to pick my daughter up from the babysitter. Sorry, folks.

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