Thursday, June 11, 2009

Carano/Cyborg "Beauty and the Beast" Match-Up to Feature Actual Beast

The eagerly-anticipated Gina Carano/Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos match-up, hailed as a pairing between "beauty and the beast" and slated for Strikeforce's August 15th event, will feature an actual beast as one of the competitors. According to noted Brazilian scientist and teratologist Dr. Paulo de Casanderes, a recent blood sample taken from the Chute Boxe fighter matches the DNA of "O Demonio da Selva" (the Demon of the Jungle), a monster which is believed to have terrorized villages along the Pantanal wetlands in the early 1990s. "No one who saw the creature lived to tell the tale," says Dr. de Casanderes. "So no one was able to recognize it when it was on TV fighting for EliteXC and Strikeforce. But investigators did collect stool samples O Demonio da Selva had left behind, and that's how we were able to make the comparison." It's unknown what, if any, effect this may have on the Carano/Cyborg match-up. Calls to Chute Boxe were met with growls.

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