Friday, June 5, 2009

Liveblog: Caged Combat Part 2

First up in the cage is Ryan Farhat from MFS against Rhino Fight Team's Mervin Rodriguez. Farhat is visibly smaller, and for most of the first round he's manhandled by Rodriguez. He survives, though, and reverses late to batter the Rhino rep and force the tapout. The official time was 3:48. A very impressive performance by Farhat. Next up is Tyler Venice of BJJ Shore Academy against Zach Burhans of Bombsquad. Venice comes out strong and aggressive, mixing punches with lightning-quick shots. It doesn't seem to faze Burhans, who sprawls, takes Venice's back and puts him to sleep with a rear naked choke.

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bcolflesh said...

Damn, sorry to hea about Venice getting RNC'd - thanks for the PBP.