Friday, June 5, 2009

Liveblog: Caged Combat Part 3

Monte Cox is sitting next to me, so I ask if he's got anything on tap for New York once it becomes legalized. He says he's already in talks with some casino, plus he's scoped out all the strip clubs and buffets in Upstate New York. Spencer Fisher-trained Kyle Gray squares off against teen idol Lester Caslow of Team Pellegrino. At the mere mention of Caslow's name girls scream and throw their panties in the air. Round 1 begins with both men trading and Caslow dropping Gray with a right hook. Gray shoots while on autopilot, and Caslow takes his back to hunt for the choke for most of the round. In the second, Caslow gets the takedown, fights his way out of a guillotine and kimura, and once more takes Gray's back. The choke eludes him and again Gray escapes late to try and score some payback. Round 3 starts to play out in similar fashion, with Caslow getting takedown and working into mount. But this time around he drops about 200 punches and elbows, and the rear naked choke comes pretty easily by the 3:24 mark. It's time now for Fight Factory's Steve McCabe and AMA FC's Andy Main. Main knocked out McCabe's teammate Ricky Lee at the last Ring of Combat, then filled Eddie Alvarez's pool with jello and set fire to Steve Haigh's collection of priceless Monet paintings, so their might be some revenge angle going on here. Showing some tight jiu-jitsu skills, Main comes out and jumps to guard, then swings into a bout-ending armbar at 33 seconds in.

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