Friday, June 5, 2009

Liveblog: Caged Combat Part 5

The heavyweights are up at bat, with Hercules Benjamin taking on Eddy Rolon-trained JA Dudley. How do parents decide to name their baby boy "Hercules"? What if he grew up a runt? Anyway, the first round is a lot clinching until Dudley gets the takedown and scores intermittently with punches from top position. In Round 2 Benjamin throws Dudley with a hip toss, but Dudley gets out from underneath and secures the rear naked choke while standing. Benjamin taps furiously and referee Dan Miragliotta tries to break them up. Dudley won't let go, though, so Miragliotta throws him to the ground and gives him the evil eye. We're going to count this one as a win for both Dudley and Miragliotta. Next: Team Pellegrino's Greg Soto against Team No Ego's Craig Kaufman. According to Monte, Kaufman truly has no ego - he's just pure id. Soto gets a big reaction from the crowd, due in no small part to his work as a New Jersey-based crimefighter ("SotoMan"). Kaufman scores first with a takedown and puts Soto on his back, but Soto survives those unchartered waters to pound the snot out of Kaufman until the bell. Round 2 plays out exactly like the first, and while fatigue slows things down greatly in the third, Soto's beatdown is no less severe. He takes the unanimous decision.

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