Saturday, June 6, 2009

Liveblog: Caged Combat Part 4

AMA FC veteran Joey Brown and Evolution FC veteran Al Buck enter the cage. These guys have been in the game so long, they bring in with them a combined 240 years of martial arts training. The two mix it up early, throwing kicks and punches, and Buck scores the KO 38 seconds in when he puts his shin to Brown's head. Next up: Rhino Fight Team up-and-comer Jeff Lentz against Team Pellegrino star Steve DeAngelis. Monte Cox manages DeAngelis, and when I spoke to him last night he mentioned some pretty big opportunities for his ward should DeAngelis shine tonight. In other words, the next time we might see him fight would be on TV, so let's see how this one goes. Round 1 sees DeAngelis scramble onto Lentz's back and almost get the choke, but the Rhino rep escapes, gets on top and just punishes him. Lentz is the bigger of the two, and his size advantage really shows when he starts muscling his way around. Round 2 is all Lentz, dropping leather from above, and Round 3 is more of the same. Lentz is just too big and too relentless, and eventually referee Dan Miragliotta has to step in. The official time of the TKO is 2:31 of the third round. Tough loss for DeAngelis, but he'll be back.


Anonymous said...

Yes. steve deangelis may be an "up and comer", but what does that say about Jeff Lentz? Lentz dominated deangelis just about every moment of that bout and I'm told judges had it at 10-9 first round, 10-8 10-8 rounds 3-4. Lentz has more heart than ANY other mma fighter I've seen.

Jeff Lentz is the true "up and comer"!!

Unknown said...

just wait

Anonymous said...

"Just wait", for what? Lentz went on the following week to SLAUGHTER another "top ranked" fighter. Not to mention, without so much as a scratch from the week prior, from "star" Deangelis. ONE WEEK LATER!!!

Lentz IS the future of this sport!! And if "heart" translates into wins, Lentz will end up 155 champ, WEC, UFC, or where ever he ends up.