Saturday, June 6, 2009

Liveblog: Caged Combat Part 6

It's time for AMA FC's Terry Bulman vs. Motor City Boxing's Richie Lictawa. These two come out swinging and are actually pretty crisp with their striking. Then it winds up on the ground, and after they take turns reversing each other, Lictawa is in the mount raining down leather. Ref Miragliotta steps in at 4:07 of the first round to give the Motor City Boxing rep the win. Final bout of the evening and its features Team Pellegrino's Justin Haskins taking on the always dangerous Team Rush fighter Doug Gordon. An interesting aside about Gordon: he has 11 kids at home, and he fights just so he can have some relative peace and quiet in the cage. Anyhoo, Haskins takes Gordon down and ground and pounds him pretty effectively for the first round, and he continues to out-wrestle him in the second. Can Gordon pull of a last-minute reversal of fortune like he did against Gregor Gracie? He almost does via an arm-in guillotine, but Haskins perseveres, and continues to pound on Gordon from the top to earn the unanimous decision. That's it, folks.

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