Saturday, June 6, 2009

Liveblog: Caged Combat Part 6

Team Combat's Anthony Morrison and AMA FC's Tim Troxell take to the cage. Both guys are proven warriors who've waged many a war in the cage, so expectations are high for this one. Round 1 doesn't disappoint. Troxell avoids Morrison's murderous counterpunching to throw leather and go for a couple subs. However, in Round 2 things grind to an abrupt halt when Morrison accidently puts his foot through the bottom of the fence. Things resume once the fence is resecured, and Morrison scores with some ground and pound late. Morrison puts a lot more fist in Troxell's face, both on the feet and on the ground, and when time runs out Morrison is awarded the unanimous decision. Final bout of the night and it's Tom Gallicchio vs. Dom O'Grady. In the opening seconds O'Grady rocks Gallicchio and then goes for a guillotine, but the Team Pellegrino stud escapes, gets on top and very nearly sinks a head/arm choke. O'Grady survives, but he remains on his back for most of the round. Gallicchio puts O'Grady on his back and keeps him there for all of Round 2, and after securing back-mount in Round 3, Gallicchio works for the choke until the bell. He's awarded the split decision. That's it for tonight.

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