Friday, November 20, 2009

Liveblog: ROC 27 Part 2

Did you know Greg Soto flew out to North Dakota and defeated Ray Steinbeiss at some Indian reservation show? I did not. Hmmm. The things you learn when you chill out before the show... Anyway, Mervin Rodriguez of Rhino Fight Team is up and facing Andy Main of AMA FC. Main is one tough customer, and Round 1 has him on top trying to work some magic while Round 2 is all about him sinking a triangle and Rodriguez tapping out. Thus far we've seen everything from the young Main - subs and KOs - so maybe in the future he'll shoot fireballs or lightning bolts or something. Jesus Martinez (Will's brother) enters the cage to face Jim Tomczuk of RABJJ. Martinez makes it clear from the start that he's looking for a home for his right hand, but things get a little sidetracked when they both start trading nut shots. Round 2 begins and Martinez drops Tomczuk with that right, although Tomczuk eventually recovers and lands some leather of his own, and with a takedown early in the third, the RABJJ continues to rack up points. It isn't enough in the judges' eyes, though, as Martinez is awarded the unanimous decision.

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