Friday, November 20, 2009

Liveblog: ROC 27 Part 3

Green-haired demon Louis Gaudinot of TSMMA enters to take on Nate Williams of Des Moines MMA. Williams wants one thing and one thing only - a takedown - and Gaudinot happily sprawls and feeds him about one billion punches for his troubles. Williams does manage some success in Round 2, while Gaudinot takes Williams' back in the third and comes close with the rear naked choke. Gaudinot takes the unanimous decision when time runs out. It's time for Team Zocchi's Ariel Sepulveda to face Plinio Cruz of Gold Team Fighters. Sepulveda made a name for himself as a deadly striker in the amateur leagues, so we'll see how he does against the experienced Cruz. Hmmm, okay. The two go back and forth a bit with a few kicks and punches, then Sepulveda drops Cruz with a Superman punch. However, when Sepulveda goes in for the kill Cruz ducks down and hits the takedown, and the rest of Round 1 is spent with Cruz on top looking for an opening to pay his opponent back. Rinse and repeat (sans the knockdown) for Round 2, while in Round 3 Sepulveda again drops Cruz with a punch. Sepulveda does indeed have heavy hands. Cruz takes the split decision in what is a damn close fight.

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