Friday, November 20, 2009

Liveblog: ROC 27 Part 5

Uriah Hall of TSMMA vs. Mitch Whitesel is the next bout, and it's the classic striker vs. wrestler pairing - which means for most of the first round the two don't engage, each wary of the other. Aside from two failed takedown attempts, Whitesel spends all of Round 2 literally running away. The foot race continues in the third, but thankfully Hall catches him and TKOs the now turtled sprinter. Yeesh. Up next: Justin Haskins of Pellegrino MMA against RABJJ stalwart Dante Rivera. Rivera is what you'd call an "old school veteran and big F-ing hero" around these parts, and though Haskins utlizes superior wrestling to get him down and control him for Round 1 and most of Round 2, when Rivera scores a takedown of his own and nails the rear naked choke with just 9 seconds left, it's like the Germans have surrendered and WWII is over. In fact, the Garv is throwing confetti into the cage.

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