Saturday, February 13, 2010

Liveblog: NY Showdown Part 2

First up is David Miqui of Sitan Gym against Tamaz Jorjoliani of 5 Points Academy. Miqui seems to be one tough hombre, as evidenced by the broken glass he's eating in his corner before the bout. Round 1 sees Miqui coming forward and a lot of clinch-work, while Round 2 has Jorjoliani consistently allowing his foe to back him into a corner before firing back. Miqui has more in his gas tank in the third, which makes his strikes seem less desperate, and the Sitan rep takes the decision when time runs out. Next up is a female bout featuring Min Goodspeed of CT Combat vs. Sitan's Peelo Deonarain. Goodspeed is aggressive and constantly in motion, but the taller Deonarain's reach enables the Sitan fighter to use her head as a punching bag. It's a genetic disadvantage that Goodspeed cannot overcome, and midway through the third round the ref has seen enough. Deonarain wins via TKO. Another ladies' bout follows, with CT Combat's Janet Pacitto taking on Sitan's Stacy Hughes. Pacitto comes out on fire and about a minute in has completely shot her wad, her subsequent exhaustion allowing Hughes to pick her apart. This time the ref calls it in Round 2, notching another victory for the Queens gym.

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