Saturday, February 13, 2010

Liveblog: NY Showdown Part 4

Another Canadian takes to the ring, this one Tony Manohran of M-1 Thai Boxing. His opponent: Eric Ruiz of Sitan/Progressive Martial Arts. They're both doing that full Thai pre-bout routine, complete with music and head pieces, and then they're fighting in what is far and away the most technical bout of the night so far. Seriously, these guys could be filming a demo. It's pretty even in Round 1, but Manohran's jab starts to penetrate Ruiz's defenses, leading to openings that the M-1 Thai Boxing rep is able to capitalize on. By Round 4 Ruiz is cut and covering up more than he's throwing, and though he's still game, the doctor waives off the bout early in the fifth, giving Manohran the win. Texas-based Javier Vongphet of Vongphet Muay Thai steps up to take on Sitan's Jay Matias. With a fantastic sense of range and the ability to fire off kicks with the full torque of his swiveling hips, Matias dissects Vongphet like he's a frog in science class. Vongphet - clearly a hard-headed brawler - does his best to fight back, but as Matias' spinning back-kick in Round 5 indicates, it ain't nearly enough. Matias gets the decision, plus an "A" in Biology.

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