Saturday, February 13, 2010

Liveblog: NY Showdown Part 3

Robert Zatarain from Mohawk Muay Thai steps into the ring to face Sitan's Greg Lachaga. Lachaga's had about a million fights, but he starts out looking outgunned by the California-based fighter, Zatarain appearing to land about four strikes for every one of Lachaga's. However, "The Tank" is made out of steel, and here and there he lands an artillery shell of a left hook that knocks his opponent's head back and wobbles him. Ultimately, Zatarain takes the decision, but it's a competitive one. Next: Canadian Gary Gilchrist of OAMA against 5 Borough Fight House rep Jesse Jimenez. Jimenez starts strong, looking mean and hungry and bullying his opponent around, but Gilchrist has got a decent neck clinch, and more than a few times he uses it to lock Jimenez up and feed him a prix fixe dinner of knees. Rinse and repeat for Rounds 2 and 3, and you have Gilchrist taking the decision. Now it's intermission time.

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